Group Pension and Auto Enrolment

In the UK all employers will be required to automatically enrol their eligible employees into a qualifying pension scheme.  All new group pension plans are designed with this in mind. We provide full assistance and guidance with your automatic enrolment obligations as part of our services to you.

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Group Private Medical Insurance

The success of your business depends on your employees so it pays to look after their health- a good private healthcare plan can go a long way to attract and retain the best talent. Company health insurance is one of the most important benefits an employer can provide and often the most valued by employees.

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Group Income Protection (Disability)

Group income protection provides a percentage of the employee’s income if they are absent from work through long term illness or injury. A claim is based on the individual’s ability to meet the requirements of their role, rather than the nature of their illness, disability or condition.

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Group Life Assurance

Group life Assurance provides an employee’s dependants with a tax free lump sum if they die whilst in employed service. This cover gives peace of mind to your employees should the worst happen. It is often highly valued by employees and relatively inexpensive to provide as an employer in comparison to other benefits.

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Group Critical Illness

Group critical illness can provide employees with a tax-free lump sum payment on survival of a specified critical illness. This benefit aims to relieve the financial burden that diagnosis of a critical illness can have on employees and their families.

Group Dental Cover

Group dental cover can include both emergency and non-emergency treatments, and also routine check-ups and procedures to maintain oral health. Some plans also cover dental injury. Dental cover will reimburse employees for the costs of treatment, quickly and easily.

Group Cash Plan

Cash plans are designed to work alone or together with private medical plans to help cover the cost of regular healthcare.  A cash plan can for example cover optical, dental and prescription charges, as well as specialist consultations and physiotherapy.

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Choices NL

Anyone living and working in the Netherlands must arrange basic health insurance with an insurer who is registered in the Netherlands – within 4 months of arriving in the country. Alexander Beard International Benefits, Expacare and ONVZ...

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Group Business Travel

Having a robust and suitable travel and accident policy ensures that a business will have peace of mind that they are insured for the potential liability of losses, damage to goods, travel curtailment and injury of their travelling employees.

Our Flexible Benefits Portal Staffchoice

At Alexander Beard International Benefits B.V we believe that it is not just large corporate organizations with many hundreds of employees that should benefit from the use of flexible benefit platforms. We think it should be available to all businesses, particularly smaller and start- up operations where the benefit is most needed and will often be felt the most.

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International network

Alexander Beard International Benefits B.V. operates from all the major countries in Europe. Feel free to contact us to discuss our cross-Europe possibilities!

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