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Anyone living and working in the Netherlands must arrange basic health insurance with an insurer who is registered in the Netherlands – within 4 months of arriving in the country.

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Group Pension

About 85% of all employers offer a pension plan. Employees are getting more and more aware of the need for a proper pension scheme. An employer’s contribution is common.

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Short term disability

Short term disability (first 2 years) is payable by the employer to the employee. A minimum of 70% of last salary is obligated, where the first year, the annual salary cannot be lower than social minimum.

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Long term disability

If the employee is partially or fully incapable of working after two years of illness, the employee may be eligible to receive a benefit under the Work and Income according to Labour Capacity Act (WIA).

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Group Medical Insurance (healthcare)

The (Basic) Health Insurance is an insurance that is compulsory for all residents of the Netherlands. The health insurance covers necessary curative healthcare.

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Flex Benefit Program

Flexible benefits enable employees to tailor their package to suit their needs and lifestyle, and have become very popular. However local tax and legislation requirements might limit the possibilities.

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Employee assistance program

Group life insurance provides an employee’s dependants with a lump sum if they die or become disabled whilst in employed service.

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Alexander Beard International Benefits B.V. operates from all the major countries in Europe. Feel free to contact us to discuss our cross-Europe possibilities!

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