We now number amongst our clients many of the worlds’ leading Silicon Valley headquartered IT, multimedia and Biotech companies.

In November 2014 following the merger of Alexander Beard Group’s International Employee Benefits Division with Netherlands based Bogaard Pensioen B.V. the division was re-named as Alexander Beard International Employee Benefits B.V.


We choose to keep our company ‘lean’.  Our employees are broadly educated pension and employee benefits consultants experienced with project management.  Should there be a need for further specialization within a consultancy project, such as an actuary or legal advisor, we can immediately make a selection from our vast network of independent professionals.

By taking this approach, each client has a dedicated project manager, ensuring access to the right specialist at the right time.  We assemble a tailor-made team for each and every project.

Our services

Plan Design

We design, market and implement the benefit plan that suit your company’s strategy best. Alexander Beard International Benefits professionals guide you through the complex Dutch requirements regarding pension and disability plans. Where needed we can assist with up-to-date benchmark data. With annual renewal information we keep your plan up to date with market practice and legislation requirements.


Communication with your employees is key. With our communication services you are assured correct and extensive information for new hires. Our specialist in the office are on hand to answer any questions you or your employees may have regarding their benefits plan. We provide benefit handbook’s, annual update presentations, news updates and one-to-one meeting with new hires. All to ensure your staff is informed at the best possible way about their valuable benefit plan.


Through our administration services you are guaranteed that the administration of your benefits plan is correct. We merge the necessary administration process with your company’s specific processes, ensuring you are in line with your internal control framework. With monthly management updated you are actively informed about any issues regarding your benefits plan.
Our backoffice team provides answers to all questions employer and employee have. We check the providers invoices and provide translation of all non-English communication to your HR department.


At Alexander Beard International Benefits we display a high level of passion for our business. We constantly keep ourselves informed about legislation changes and new developments regarding our profession. We also like to share our knowledge in order for you, our client, to benefit from such information.
Therefor we do not only keep you updated about all relevant legislation, but also provide you with guidance and advice on how to adjust your benefit plan to stay aligned with local and international requirements.


Sometimes you just need a second opinion or incidental advice on your pension plan, disability plan or other employee benefit. Our consultants have extensive knowledge of the market and can assist you with any project you have in relation to you pension plan or other benefit plan.


As an employer you want to make sure your benefit plan is in line with your corporate requirements and market trends. Whether you need a high level plan to attract specialized staff, or require a cost effective plan, we can assist with benchmark information.
We assist with comparing and benchmarking your benefits plan against the marketplace.


Annual renewals can take up a lot of your time . We provide straight forward and clear information to ensure the annual renewal goes smoothly.

Due-diligence reports for merger and acquisition

Benefit plans are an frequently forgotten but important part of due diligence. In specific, Dutch pension plans can cause unexpected large financial risks. The risk of being eligible to join a mandatory industry wide pension fund or premium payment arrears. We check the benefits plan for any financial risks that can effect the merge and acquisition.