Providing a suitable solution for both local and international health coverage for your international workforce in the Netherlands can be challenging. Where international Health cover might seem sufficient, the local requirements for your workforce in the Netherlands might require additional local coverage.

Anyone living and working in the Netherlands must arrange basic health insurance with an insurer who is registered in the Netherlands – within 4 months of arriving in the country.

Choices NL plan
Alexander Beard International Benefits, Expacare and ONVZ again have joined forces in 2018 to offer a full international medical insurance plan, which also provides compliant local cover in the Netherlands.

The Choices NL Plan has been designed for expatriates who will be residing in the Netherlands – and must therefore meet the requirement to have local health cover – but who also want to enjoy the benefits of comprehensive international medical insurance.

Interested to see how this plan could solve your local and international Health coverage issues?

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Bram Bogaard
Managing Director: Europe – AB International Benefits B.V.

Disability in the Netherlands and the COVID 19 virus

We receive many questions about the insurance coverage within the sick leave, WGA gap and WIA excess insurance in combination to the Covid 19 virus.Below you will find a list with the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!