Legislation postponed untill 01-07-2023
The bill ‘Future Pensions Act’ is currently being debated in parliament. This law radically changes the Dutch pension system and will impact all pension plans.

The aim is for the legislation to take effect on 01-07-2023, after which a transition period of four years will apply until 01-01-2027*.

Consideration of the bill in the House of Representatives is currently taking place. After discussion in the House of Representatives, the Senate will of course also have to agree to the bill. The government’s commitment is to meet the effective date of 01-07-2023. However, there is no certainty about this yet. It is therefore possible that the effective date may be postponed.

Delaying the effective date of the law does not automatically mean delaying the transition period. It is possible, for example, that the law will take effect on 01-01-2024 and that the end date of the transition period will remain 01-01-2027.

We have created two documents that give more insight on the current status of the legislation. You can easily download them here:

Legislation summary Dutch Future of Pensions Act

Whitepaper Dutch Future Pensions Act

Disability in the Netherlands and the COVID 19 virus

We receive many questions about the insurance coverage within the sick leave, WGA gap and WIA excess insurance in combination to the Covid 19 virus.Below you will find a list with the answers to the most frequently asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!